Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Alhamdulillah....completely subscribe for Haziq's Education Plan...

Me and his Abi thought about this for long time ago but delay je to subscribe....now dah selesai...syukur sangat. Regular Investment for his Education in another 17 years.

Huhuhuhu...ni pun dah kire lambat dah...sorry eh syg...ummi lambat take action. But, ummi dah backdated sumer amount tu...=)...no worries.

What we need to do now is just guide him accordingly so that he'll be align with his ambition later.

Ummi dia very ambitious towards her son...nak anak jadi pilot. Abi dia bagus, he says, "Let he choose his own career." (^_^)..opssss...mak2 memang camni...

So, in order for me and Akmal to have a very very very sufficient fund for his education later, by taking into consideration all the inflation rate, cost of living and etc, therefore we need to start saving and plan from now. InsyaAllah.

There's nothing as still early to start funding for your child education - quote from Babah's statement.

Next is for Muhammad Hazim Akmal plak.....InsyaAllah, semoga Allah swt memudahkan dan menyempurnakan usaha kami. Amin.

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