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Day 2 - Monday, 4th June 2012

We start our day with morning breakfast at villa itself at 7.55 am.


fresh orange juice

After breakfast we depart to see Barong Dance at Kuta around 8.30am. The entrance fee is RP 200, 000 (RP 100, 000 per person). We both masuk at 9.00 am, and the dance completely done at 10.00 a.m. Barong Dance is basically about their dewa2 and kepercayaan….roh itu, roh ini…hihihi…quite complicated to understand. But, we enjoy it so much. They did gave us their 'penceritaan' in one piece of paper....kalo nak roger, i still keep it...=)

barong dance

barong dance


heart him

We then heading to Kintamani at 10.00am, from Kuta it takes about 2 ½ hour. Along the way, nampak orang pakai kebaya and tradition suit wear of Bali, purposely for their prayer, according to Waris, diaorg mmg kena pakai cantek2 tok g semayang

Before arrive at Kintamani tu, merata-rata singgah…hihihi…we stop at Batik around 10.45am.

nice painting

Next stop is, Semadi Art Gallery (gold and silver smith) at 11.45am. Then, craft painting.


Last stop before Kintamani is Tegallalang, rice terrace place around 1.05pm. Entrance fee is RP 10, 000. But kena bayar additional of RP 2, 000 plak sebab amek pic farmer kat situ…ampehzz…dia yang muncul tetiba…kter plak kena bayar….amboooiiiii

Rice terrace


another part of rice terrace

Finally, we arrived at Gunungapi Batur, Kintamani known as Volcano Tour at 2.00 pm. We had our lunch there. Background volcano...hihii...terbaekkk!! Buffet price is RP 80, 000 per pax total of RP 193, 000 inclusive tax at 21%...gler sehhh…tax banyak nak mampussss…haddoiiiii…cmner Indonesian survive with that much of tax. Entrance fee to Kintamani itself is RP 20, 000. Pas dah makan sumer, we then solat terus before we moved to next station.

typical me

the scenery...sejukkk

with my love

We off to Jimbaran at 2.55pm. Supposedly singgah kat Ubud Market, but x sempat dah…sebab jauh from Kintamani to Jimbaran...huhuhu. Along the way tu, Waris cter pasal Bali.

First pasal Raya. Hari raya itself kat Bali ada macam2….byk sgt. Salah satu Hari Raya Nyepi known as tahun baru org Hindu. During the Raya, satu lampu pun tak boleh leh nyala…electric langsung tak leh hidupkan selama 24 hours…sape pun tak boleh kuar, kalo kuar kena saman…hahahaha....yg boleh kuar hanyalah polis adat (named pecalang)

Then, Hari Raya Galungan (sama cam Hari Raya Aidilfitri, but the best part is 2x setahun). Pastu, Hari Raya Kuningan (sama cam Hari Raya Aidiladha pun 2x setahun).

Schedule solat orang Bali plak 3x sehari (pagi, tengahari, petang). Alat2 semayang plak canang. Canang tu ada daun kelapa muda, candy/biscuits, bunga 3 warna.

Rumah traditional Bali plak ada satu pagar besar and dalam pagar besar tu ada banyak2 rumah, consists of kamar mandi, kamar tidur, kitchen, living room and etc. Exactly like our Villa....=).

We arrive at Jimbaran around 5.05pm. Just nice before sunset at 5.45pm. We had our so-called candle light dinner at Blue Ocean Seafood. Celebrating our 2nd anniversary there…..i miss those moments.

Jimbaran view

Sunset view

Our food

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

Selesai dinner, we all balik Villa and gedebush tido...penat weyyyy

Total Expenses for that day =  RP 978, 000

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