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Day 1-Sunday, 3rd June 2012

Finally, dapat gak update pasal June 2012 trip...=)

Two years after marriage, then only we manages to have our own honeymoon trip at oversea. Banyak sangat kekangan especially time. Papepun, we had a great one. Thanks to dearest hubby for the 2nd anniversary gift.

The worst part is terpaksa tinggal Muhammad Haziq Akmal with his tok babah and tok mama. Mama tak bagi kterorg bawak Haziq sebab condition Bali itself not suit for baby. But, memang patut tak bawak pun coz most of the places that we visit, required us to climb up high, dengan cuaca yang sangat panas…huhhhh….which I don’t think Haziq can cope with it. Her mother itself pun kepenatan, ni kan plak Haziq. Pulun telefon Haziq before depart…hihihih.

We depart from LCCT after delay for almost 2 hours, which at 2.00pm, due to cabin door can’t be locked properly…huhhhh…hate waiting…sampai lapar2 dibuatnyer…thought of tak nak order anything on plane…but since lapar tahap puaka…yet have to order…huhuhuhu

3.00 pm, arrived at Bali airport named as Ngurah Rai Airport. Ngurah Rai got his name regards to one of their warrior name during war last time.

asyik nmpk benda ni je along the way...hihihi

4.15 pm , luncheon at Pawon Pasundan, Kuta, Bali. Me had Nasi Timbel Komplit Ayam (RP 31, 000) – nasi, sayur asem, ikan asin, tahu-tempe goreng, lalap and sambal. Huby had Nasi Putih (RP 5, 000), Gurami Bakar (RP 45, 000), Tahu Telur Saus Kacang (RP 14, 000). Whilst, drinks – Kelapa Muda (RP 14, 000) and Teh Botol ( RM 8, 500)

the menu - we did ask the waitress to explain one by one =)

typical me =)

heart him sooo much

Before sampai hotel, gi beli Indonesia Sim Card purposely to call dearest Haziq Akmal at Malaysia (RP 72, 000). Arrived hotel at 6.00 pm, check in hotel at Kamuela Villas and Spa, Sanur. Nothing much we can do because kat Bali dah gelap cam senja as early as 6pm….hihihi…its ok then, we surely have a good rest and start the visit tomorrow.

right choice, dearest huby 

After we’ve done with our solat, we had the welcome drink given by hotel and our dinner for that night is Maggi. Punya lar maleh nak keluar and order…hihihi. Since we had our own private pool in the villa itself, we did swim that evening…hihihi….damn cold!!!

private pool

living hall

villa's view


lepaking place

bathroom 1

bathroom 2 - outside shower...sgt bt halll

Total Expenses of the day    =       RP 190, 000

To be continue on the next post

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