Wednesday, September 28, 2011

36 weeks~~~

Alhamdulillah.....finally reaching 36 weeks....equivalent to 9 months....few days to go before the delivery of our little genius.....=)

Things has been prepared...bag to bring to hospital dah letak dalam keta...all the documents also has been put aside if emergency cases occurred...

a)   Umi's bag
      -   2 baju kemeja (bak kata aunty aida easy for breastfeeding later)
      -   2 helai kain batik (haiyaaaa...finally, i have learn to wear it...last pakai in 2004...tu pn sbb  
      -   nursing bra (i have to get used to wear this kind of bra...x bape nk selesa)
      -   nursing pad
      -   1 pair of socks
      -    tudung
      -    minyak panas
      -    towel
      -    maternity pad (hahahha...panjang gler babe)
      -    panties (of coz lar...kalo x nk pki maternity pad ngn ape kan)  
      -    slipper
      -    mummy record book

b)  Lil' Genius bag
     -   2 sets of new born attire
     -   diapers
     -   cotton wool
     -   baby toiletries
     -   blanket
     -   bekung baby (spelling aku betol ke ni.....hahaha)
     -   napkin
     -   baby booties and mitten
     -   baby cap (tomey umi beli for lil' genius)

c)  Abi's bag ----also need to prepare....nnt nk teman umi kat hospital kan
     -  3 helai t-shirts
     -  1 tracksuits
     -  1 short pants
     -  kain pelekat
     -  his toiletries

So, above-mentioned things sumer dah prepare...insyaAllah...tinggal nak bawak diri sendiri je gi hospital...

Labor signs??Minor mmg dah mule show off...somehow the major one didn't turn up yet....dok pujuk lil' genius to wait for his abi to come home first before he's out to see this whole wide world...

He supposed to be in this position by now...=)

Umi and abi can't wait to have you,darl......=)


hazirahMohd said...

musfirah sayang..kiter next week masok 36week..heee..mcm lebih kurang je kan baby kiter nie g tak prepare lagik nie..hehe

::Deela:: said...

darling...rindu kamu...deliver day nnti kasi haloo haloo tau..