Sunday, February 13, 2011

w3lc0me aBoard, mrs cheti!!!!

Welcome aboard, Mrs Cheti. Nice pica for a start  =)

Today, Saturday, dated 12th February 2011, sharing knowledge session has been successfully done which more or less with regards to how to working out on kindergarten stuff at Section 5, Wangsa Maju. 

Thanks a lot to my dearest fwen for her precious introduction to her aunt. Thanks Ayu...heart u..=)

Kindergarten itself got different type of it. Such as Montessori Kindergarten, Islamic kindergarten and else. Therefore, as a start we need to have in mind what we want to deliver to our future student indeed. Passion and patience is critically needed here.

1st - Have to be certified by Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia. 
Pergh!!!! I wonder how long does it take for me to actually go thorough read up on each of the module given!!! From kids psychology until their early childhood development. Caiyok, Mrs Cheti!!!! Nothing easy in this whole wide world....

2nd - Franchise/work out on our own.
Must have clear aim in mind whether to go for franchise or own our owned. Both two preference comes with its owns pro and cons. Details analysis and research need to be done in this part. Especially in terms of module given to our whiz kids. 

4th - FUND. 
Nothing more important than fund to run a business.
Option given. Yet application is still needed in order to apply for any loan definitely with government. Need to think of this too. Staff cost, furniture cost, miscellaneous and etc.

5th - Location.
Since proposed kindergarten has been prepared and think off, much2 earlier, so nothing much to think by now. Just have to wait until 2012 upon its completion. So, ease one point...hikhikhik

6th - Doa + tawakal + usaha = KEJAYAAN
Last but not least. Always have in mind babah's and mama's word of wisdom. Complete all that, then insyaAllah you will surely succeed in your future undertaking. Do for the sake off Allah and insyaAllah, He will help you then.

Do not easily get fed up, Mrs Cheti. High determination is needed then. Hubby and dearest family support will always be there for ya'. Just pray to Allah swt to provide me and hubby all the strength inner and outer so we may work out on this easily and smooth. Amin!!

It was a tiring day today, eye bag getting worst...huhuhuh....yet doing office work while holiday...somehow i enjoy the day much. Thank you so much, Allah...

Oryte, got to go. Till then. Nyte. Assalamualaikum. =)

p/s : i may start my dreaming as off now...wwweeeee~~~~

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