Monday, February 21, 2011

haPpy b0rnday dear3st, hubBy~~

It is 12.00 am already. I just wanted to give a special little shout-out to my beloved husband, Mr Rurizalakmal today on his 26th BIRTHDAY!!! My Valentine Big Boy Bday  =)

Early celebration has been made at Marche', e@curve dated 3rd February 2011, since i barely know that he will off to work soon but dunno when....some how i did take a correct step then...tq Allah swt for the instinct given...hahahaha. We had a great time too dat nyte. =)

Sayang, even though you were not around, I want you to know that you deserves a fantastic day today,dear. Enjoy your day there and have a prosperous one, k...=)

Hubby, you are the most kind and generous person that I know. Plus the best and most charming husband in the whole wide world.

You are the sweet scent surrounds me, the music that fills my life with joys, the nourishment that feeds my soul, dear...=)....and you are the reason for my living,darling

I'm so so so lucky to have you as my dearest husband given by Allah swt.

Thanks for all the guidance and patience in me, sayang. Semoga Allah swt panjangkan umur hubby and dimurahkan plus diberkati rezekinya. Amin...

I love you,baby and may all your birthday wishes come true! 
*lots of hugs and kissess*

Nah,hubby...fake cake with love for you...hihihihi.....soon treat ya chocolate indulgence eh, syg...=)


Rurizalakmal said...

Thanks for the sweet wishes wifey! u made my day
! *hugs* Tq for the dinner treat and birthday present too. i'm loving it. luv u wifey!

Burj F&B said...

Mesti tgh rindu-rinduan kan skang..:-)

mr & mrs cheti said...

hihi,sayang...tu sudah semestinyer...(^^,)...ahaks~

d33la said...

abg botak!!!...happy belated birthday babe!!